Bombay HC evicts an abusive son from his parents' flat for harassing them

The man harassed his parents to grab his parents' Santacruz flat

Bombay HC evicts an abusive son from his parents' flat for harassing them

The Bombay High Court has directed the eviction of a man from the apartment of his 90-year-old father and 89-year-old mother for harassing the elderly couple in order to lay hands on their premises.

The court observed that this was a case of harassment faced by the elderly couple by their son and daughter-in-law. The bench said that there is some truth in the saying that daughters are daughters and sons are sons till they are married.

The petitioner, who is a Santacruz resident, had moved to the Bombay High Court challenging the order of the Senior Citizens Tribunal.  On October 21, 2020, the tribunal had asked him and his wife to evacuate his parents' Santacruz (West) apartment in 30 days. 

The son already owns three residential premises, two in Navi Mumbai and one at Dahisar, but insisted on staying in the Santacruz premises.

Reportedly, justice Girish Kulkarni had said in the court that the flat was not ancestral property and therefore he can not claim any legal right on this flat along with his family and "foist themselves on the parents against their wishes."

He further added that this is harassment and is defeating the parents' right to lead an everyday life. The Bombay High Court, therefore, rejected the petition.

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