Bullet Train Project: Confusion continues over BKC land


Mumbai – Though the MMRDA has not officially confirmed allotment of land for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project in the BKC, the Railway authorities are soon to take up soil testing work at the designated land in BKC. The concerned authorities are being allowed to test soil for this project, informed MMRDA joint project director (public relations) Dilip Kawathkar.

The MMRDA has planned construction of International Finance Centre on 67-acre open plot in the BKC. This ambitious project will now accommodate the first Bullet Train station proposed to be built underground on this said land. The MMRDA has flatly refused to give this plot of land to the Bullet Train project and hence further progress in this regard is allegedly stalled.
Meanwhile, the news reports that the State government has okayed to hand over the BKC land are being given wide publicity. When Mumbai Live contacted the concerned officials, they refused to react on this news report.

The soil testing for Bullet Train project has been started by the contractor last week. When MMRDA authorities came to know about it, they stopped the soil testing work. Soon, the news of State government’s nod for allotment of this land came out and it followed the MMRDA permission for soil testing. Whether MMRDA has given permission for soil testing under the pressure of State government is being hotly discussed in the city.

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