According to the FDA report, food did not cause ill health at Byculla Jail

FDA has also collected samples of Doxylamine which will clarify the exact cause of outbreak at Byculla Jail


Last week, more than 80 inmates in Byculla jail were admitted to J J Hospital after they complained of stomach pain and started vomiting. Later, they were discharged. Meanwhile, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) had collected five food samples on the same day and sent it to the lab. According to the reports, the food did not cause the outbreak, confirmed joint commissioner of food Shailesh Aadhav. He said that doctors will confirm the exact cause for the ill health. 

As per the FDA officials, five male inmates in Byculla jail had contracted cholera on July 15, 2018. Following which, 399 male and 312 female inmates were given 100 mg of Doxylamine. On the same night, 25 of the female inmates vomited after the drug was consumed.

FDA officials had collected four samples of Doxylamine and are waiting for the report. Meanwhile, the food samples’ report confirmed that food did not cause food poisoning. It is believed that the medicines might have caused food poisoning.

FDA Joint Commissioner D. R. Gahane told Mumbai Live that by Friday, it will be clear if medicines cause food poisoning or not.

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