Child and mother dies as child slips and fall from the train toilet

    Child and mother dies as child slips and fall from the train toilet
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    On Sunday, a nine-month pregnant woman named Chandana Shah, from one of the Konkan towns Ratnagiri was travelling in a train and going to Dadar. As reported in our story yesterday, she gave birth to a child in the toilet of moving train and unfortunately, the child fell on the track from the moving train. Based on the circulating news yesterday, it was reported that both mother and child were safe. But, sadly the truth turns out to be the other way round. It has come to our notice that both the mother and the child have passed away. The child died on in a Navi Mumbai hospital and the mother passed away due to a liver damage on Tuesday night.

    The event happened when Chandana suddenly he felt the pain, and without informing anyone, she went to the toilet, and sadly as she gave birth and before she could even see the baby, it sadly fell down on the track via the opening in the commode. The stirred mother ran out and pleaded for help from the people.

    The emergency chain of the train was immediately pulled by the passengers who then ran in search for the child on track. The newborn was found on the track and was taken out. Owing to the condition, both the mother and the child were admitted to the hospital with the help of people around, and as mentioned here, both of them died during the treatment.

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