Textile Museum in Kalachowki approved; to hire mills workers

The Standing committee said that the employment opportunity shall be given to the mill workers and their relatives


Standing Committee on Saturday approved the plan to build a textile museum in Kalachowki and while sanctioning this proposal, the committee said that the priority for the employment opportunities shall be given to the mill workers and their relatives.

In Mumbai, the commercial and residential buildings are standing on the closed cloth mills. To preserve the history of the mills, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation along with National Textile Board will be setting up a Textile museum and cultural centre at India United Mill.

Under the 7,000 square meters of the total area possessed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the proposal for the demonstration of picture and lightning was approved.

After the approval, National Congress Party (NCP) leader Rakhi Jadhav got the workers and their relatives for them to get employment in the museum, on the priority basis. He said that the workers have given their sweat to the mills and it would be truly meaningful if the workers and their relatives are employed in the museum.  

The original proposal and its sub-section were approved by the standing committee chairman Yashwant Jadhav.

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