Untamed algae mars crocodile show in Byculla zoo

    Untamed algae mars crocodile show in Byculla zoo
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbaikars and even tourists flocking to the city are making a beeline to the Rani Baug to catch a glimpse of the imported Humboldt penguins. 

    All eyes are on the arctic birds, including those of the ones supposed to taking care of the zoo's other inmates. Is this the reason why the crocodiles in the zoo appear to be a neglected lot? The lake where crocodiles are housed has been covered with algae for a long time now. The water has turned a fuzzy green and dirty and robs visitors of a glimpse of the crocs. People have been spotted hanging on to the railings waiting for several minutes for the crocs to emerge from the green algae covering. Often, they don’t even get the glance of the crocodiles, complain tourists.

    When contacted Dr Sanjay Tripathi, Director Byculla Zoo said that the condition of crocodiles and the lake has been this way for several years now. Visitors have been seen pelting stones at the crocodiles to make them move, he said. Tripathi said action would be taken against the visitors who harass the crocs.

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