Central Railways install four HVLS fans

Central Railways install four HVLS fans

Central Railways have installed four High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans at CST whose air circulation is better compared to other air circulator fans. This step has been taken to save electricity and to improve the air circulation for the commuters who stand on the platform waiting for the train. CR has installed four fans which are of 24 feet and will help the railways to save Rs. 3,3,452 per year.

These are the saliant features of HVLS fans
- HVLS fan has the capacity to circulate air up to 20 metres
- These fans use 810 watts of electricity
- This help in saving 80% of electricity
- Less noise pollution
- Low maintenance

“Prior to these fans, we had installed one HVLS fan on an experimental basis. This helped us in saving electricity and commuters also praised the attempt. And so we replaced all old 24 old fans with four HVLS fans for better air circulation and to save the electricity,” said Narendra Patil, CPRO.

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