Bad news Mumbai, Dadar ranks among dirtiest stations in India

    Bad news Mumbai, Dadar ranks among dirtiest stations in India
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    One of Mumbai’s busiest railway stations, Dadar ranks 330th on the list of 407 stations surveyed for cleanliness by the Quality Council of India recently.

    This is a major drop for Dadar - from last year’s 102nd position. Of the 407 stations, 75 were major ones (A1 category) and Bandra Terminus ranks 15th on that list, and Dadar ranks 70th in that category. Unfortunately, none of Mumbai’s stations make it to the top 10, with Bandra Terminus being our best showing. Among other Mumbai stations, CST has also had a drop in cleanliness standards as it moves from 129 to 153 and 30 to 44 in the A1 category. The relatively new Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) at Kurla is less crowded compared to Dadar and CST, but the cleanliness standards do not look so good. 278 out of 407 and 60 out of 75, is the ranking of the station.

    So why are stations in Mumbai not able to maintain a clean environment? To maintain a clean environment, it is imperative that citizens to cooperate with the BMC officials and play a vital role in keeping the station clean. We have all seen people spitting, urinating, defecating on the tracks. The washrooms inside the station have a foul odour and are unclean to the core. The officials will play their role in keeping the station clean, but it is also our duty to maintain the level of cleanliness. People shouldn’t be ignorant about the generated waste material around and should take necessary steps to curb that waste. If each individual plays his/her part in keeping the station clean, our stations wouldn’t be ranked so far behind on the cleanliness front. No individual has the right to complain unless they contribute towards maintainng the cleanliness standards.

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