Deonar slaughterhouse generates 1000 units of electricity

Deonar slaughterhouse generates 1000 units of electricity
Deonar slaughterhouse generates 1000 units of electricity
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The BMC has initiated its ambitious electricity generation project and generated 1000 unit electricity from 15,000 kg biodegradable wastes at Deonar slaughterhouse.

The BMC had taken a decision to generate electricity from the waste dumped at Deonar dumping ground but it could not be materialised. The BMC has been implementing a project with the technical help of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) at Deonar slaughterhouse. The project was initiated on March 5 and around 7-8 thousand kg biodegradable waste is used daily to generate electricity. Along with electricity, 400 to 500 cubic meter methane gas also get generated here which help the generators to generate around 40 units of electricity.

In future, it will be possible for the BMC to process 20,000 kg biodegradable waste. It will become easier for the civic body to effectively implement its ‘zero waste’ concept.

In last 40 days, around 1000 units of electricity have been generated at this unit which has been implemented under the guidance of municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta, additional commissioner I.A. Kundan and assistant municipal commissioner Prakash Patil, informed Dr Yogesh Shetye, general manager of Deonar Slaughterhouse.

Dr Shetye expressed confidence that this plant will work to its full capacity soon and electricity generation will be raised up to 75 units per day.
It is interesting to note here that the electricity generated here is used at the Deonar slaughterhouse.

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