Man runs from pillars to post to get his new born baby treated, in vain

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    A heart-wrenching incident of a helpless father running from pillars to post in vain so as to get his son treated who was born just hours before. But turns out, as it has always been the case, the doctors present in the hospital nowadays do not shudder from giving cold-shoulder and this is exactly what one of them did to the helpless father.

    Apparently, a baby boy was born to Ramtilak Patwa on the noon of 13 April 2017 in Bheemsen Joshi Hospital a government hospital of Bhayander. But since the baby’s condition was quite critical and the hospital lacked the required necessities, hence the doctor referred the child to the Shatabdi Hospital in Kandivali. Even before, the mother was done with the stitches after caesarian surgery; Patwa took the infant to the said hospital in an ambulance.

    As per the medical papers of Shatabdi Hospital, the infant was checked and was found to be completely normal and asked the father to take the baby back to the mother, but apparently, the driver of the ambulance had gone with the ambulance by that time.

    Ram tilak requested the doctors that he is too poor to afford the fair of a taxi and does not have an ambulance to take the baby back to the hospital. But in spite of helping the helpless man and understanding his plight on the grounds of humanity, the doctor gave brushed off the matter by telling him to take the local train. Ram Tilak, having no other option but to take the Virar local train from the local station.

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