Drones and other aerial objects not permitted to fly in Mumbai until March 24

Drones and other aerial objects not permitted to fly in Mumbai until March 24

The Maharashtra Directorate General of Information and Public Relations (DGIPR) has announced that Mumbai is now a “Prohibited Zone” for mini-planes, drones, and other aerial objects. This ban on flying these objects in the city will be in place until the 24th of March, the DGIPR added.

Further, items like laser lights, kites, firecrackers, paragliders, balloons etc are prohibited within the “free-fly zone” at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport until the 18th of April. These restrictions have been reportedly put in place to avoid terrorist attacks and anti-national elements that could bring citizens to harm. It is said that this was ordered by the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) operations of Mumbai Police. Flying drones or privately owned aerial objects have landed multiple people in trouble before.

A couple of years ago, authorities booked two people for flying their drone near Ballard PierAlthough they weren’t guilty of flying the drone over a no-fly zone or a closed-off area, they were booked anyway. The police cited security reasons at the time for booking the drone users, while also mentioning that they hadn’t sought prior permission to fly drones.

The laws regarding the use of drones have not completely been understood by many. However, the authorities are pushing to make regulations stricter now, especially since this is a national security measure.

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