Sweet, Sweet Inflation: Sugar prices rise due to floods in Western Maharashtra

After some parts of Western Maharashtra including Kolhapur and Sangli were lashed with heavy rains, the basic necessity items have faced a rise in pricew

Sweet, Sweet Inflation: Sugar prices rise due to floods in Western Maharashtra

Due to heavy rainfall, parts of Western Maharashtra have been flooded, causing hassle for lakhs of people in the area along with the neighbouring regions. While the flood water is receding gradually, people are still deprived of basic necessities and are battling to arrange the same for their families. 

On the other hand, along with victims, the people of Mumbai too have been impacted due to the heavy rainfall. Earlier, vegetable prices had faced a sudden surge due to downpour and now, the prices of sugar have risen by ₹1 per kg. Earlier this week, the prices had risen by ₹2 per kg and now again the prices have inflated. 

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Before the floods occurred, the sugar prices were under ₹32 per kg. But after the floods in Western Maharashtra, the prices rose to ₹34-₹35. In the meantime, due to the transport charges, the sugar prices rise by ₹1 in Navi Mumbai and outskirts of Mumbai. Accordingly, on average, the sugar prices have sored to ₹40 per kg.

While the trucks consisting of goods in flood-affected areas are being transported, numerous vehicles have been submerged in waters which has resulted in the decay of goods on board. Various godowns, mills have been adversely affected by the floods and have been damaged. Therefore, it is being estimated that it would take 8-10 days for things to return to normalcy.

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