Govandi: 28 ALM communities and still known as Mumbai’s ‘dumping ground’. Why?

    Govandi: 28 ALM communities and still known as Mumbai’s ‘dumping ground’. Why?
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    The area of Govandi in Mumbai is branded to be the ‘dumping ground’ and it seems the area will not be able to rid itself of this infamous status any sooner. The even sadder part is even being in the M/East ward where there is a multitude of ALM communities; barely anything has been done to free the area of the inherent pollution. Albeit, the locals here really resolved to partake in the Municipal Corporation’s Advance Locality Management and sought a change in here, it all apparently went in vain.

    Being the only area in the whole of the city, with a number of ALM communities that is as good as 28, the area stays as it is with no progress done in this regard. From ALM communities set up from Suman Nagar to Trombay and Mahul to Chheda Nagar, the area’s status as ‘dumping ground’ stays intact.

    Albeit, it has been through the meticulous and painstaking efforts of the different ALM communities that many areas in Mumbai have been drastically transformed, the best example being Chembur’s Diamond Garden, but Govandi seems to make an exception here. As is the case with the formation of any kind of campaign, the people seemed to be buzzing with zeal and enthusiasm in their drive to get the area swept clean, but gradually with time, their motivation seemed to be fading away, thus making the state of the area as is.

    As per the Municipal Chief Officer Subhash Patil, that this matter needs to be now taken in the ALM meet that is done every month with the municipal officials. So notwithstanding what gets decided in these meetings, the question is that even if the initiative to transform this area is taken, how much time will it take till before the problem of this ‘dumping ground’ is completely done away with.

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