Three brave youngsters save people from dying during the Elphinstone stampede


Time – 10:00 am
Place – Elphinstone bridge
Date – 29/09/2017
Day – Friday

It was just like any other day for commuters who left from home, some for work, some for Dussehra shopping. Like a routine, commuters came on to the Elphinstone bridge and were getting down towards India Bulls road. Suddenly, someone in the crowd started shouting “run, run...there is short, run...” Hearing this cry, people started running, falling on each other. Many did not realise that they were walking on the dead bodies which were lying on the stairs of the bridge, lifeless.

During this stampede, there were three people who immediately stepped forward to help people. Sagar Jadhav (23), Rohit Pawar (21) and Viraj Salvi (21) were the courageous youngsters who literally pulled out people and saved their lives.

These three work in Sunshine Tower’s Javaris Technology Pvt Company. Amongst these, Sagar resides at Worli, Rohit and Viraj stay in Bandra. After getting down from the bridge, they heard the screams and when they turned back to see what had happened, they saw the horrific stampede. They believed that if people had come to help instead of taking videos and clicking photos, a lot of lives would have been saved.

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