Ice-lovers beware! It’s not an icy affair after all

Ice-lovers beware! It’s not an icy affair after all

Ice candies, or popsicles these almost always make it to our list of favourites, especially during the summers. But what if you come to know that the main ingredient, i.e., the ice that is being used to make these are actually used for preserving dead bodies and fishes? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has, for this reason, started a campaign against all the ice vendors across the state.

FDA's assistant Suresh Deshmukh stated that the FDA executed its campaign in Thane for two days, i.e., on Saturday and Sunday. During these two days, he destroyed 15 samples of ice that weighed 10 thousand Kilos. Deshmukh further added that this campaign will keep going on for some time now.

Further, the FDA has registered a case against all the ice vendors who were using contaminated ice. However, the question here arises as to what about the other ice vendors that are operating in other parts of Mumbai and what is the quality of ice that these other ice vendors are using. According to a report, the FDA has taken only 5 samples of ice in Mumbai, which turned out to be completely safe for usage.

A few days ago, RTI activist RPY Rao had mentioned in a complaint to the FDA that the ice vendors usually sell the ice that is used for preserving fish and dead bodies at cheaper prices to the vendors that sell cold drinks and food items.  Rao expressing his sheer disappointment with the negligence of FDA stated that FDA’s this attitude shows its completely careless behaviour towards the health of the populace considering how these vendors are openly selling contaminated ice.

Rao further complains that according to the rules made by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FFSAI), ice should be solely used for the storage of food items. Moreover, this ice is purchased from large companies. Nevertheless, these rules are being violated openly. People store food items in cheap and contaminated ice and this practice is going on throughout the state. But the administrative panels that should actually be paying heed to this issue are exactly the ones that are being negligent.

Rao demanded that the FDA should immediately raid the stalls and the companies engaged in the purchase and sale of such degraded quality of ice and should cease their businesses.

When contacted by Mumbai Live, FDA assistant Suresh Ananapure said that some contaminated ice samples have been sent for testing purposes and strict action will be taken in this regard in case any kind of glitch is found.

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