Fire breaks out at a building in Malabar Hills

Fire breaks out at a building in Malabar Hills

A fire broke out at a building in Malabar Hills. The name of the building is Last Palma Building which is at at Club Café Red School, Little Gibbs road, Near Hanging Garden,  in Malabar Hill. The building has 14 floors and the fire broke out on the fifth floor at 19:56 hours. 

As per the information that is available to us at the moment, eight people have been rescued so far. There are eight engines and secen jumbo tankers present at the spot to help get the fire in control. However, ANI is reporting that a total of 12 fire tenders are present at the spot. 

The fire has been classfied as grade 3 fire and all efforts are being made to get it control at the earliest. It is said that the cause of the fire was a cylinder blast. So far no casualties are being reported as aresult of the fire.

It was earlier reported that eight people have been rescued in the fire. However a total of 17 people were rescued in this fire and in doing so three firemen were injured. 

According to the sources the blaze started in a fifth-floor flat of Las Palmas building near Hanging Garden around 7.30pm. Soon it started spreadking to the other floors. People started rushing out of the building but some of them were not able to act on time and hence resorted to going on terrace as a safety measure. In fact two men even slid down the drainage pipe.

The firemen helped in rescueing the people that were stuck on the terrace.

The people in the building claimed that they were alerted about this fire via an intercom and that helped some of them in evacuating the building on time.

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