Follow these steps to prevent a short circuit and fire

Once a month, society members should carry fire drill

Follow these steps to prevent a short circuit and fire

In Mumbai, in the last few months, many fire incidents were reported in the city. On Wednesday, a fire broke out on the 33rd floor of Beaumonde Towers in Prabhadevi. In the span of one hour, the fire engulfed three floors.

In all the fire incidents, shortcircuit has been the main reason. According to experts, one can take precautionary measures and make sure shortcircuits are avoided and accidents are prevented. 

Follow these steps and prevent a shortcircuit

1. Many times, loose wiring leads to sparking. Also, a lot of times, rats nibble on the electric wire which also leads to a fire. One should keep a tab on it.
2. Always check the ID and wireman’s licence before handing over the wiring work. If not, then hand over the work to the state-appointed contractor wireman.
3. According to 2011 National Electric Code, the lifespan of the wire is 20-25 years. Hence, if your household wiring is 20-years-old, then you should check the wires. And if the installed wiring is above 25-years, then change it.
4. Many people have the habit of plugging in two appliances into one multi-plug which affects the main wire. Because of this, the wire starts overheating which eventually leads to a fire. Hence, there should be more plug outlets in the house.
5. Every building’s meter room is built on the ground floor which is not right. There should be a separate meter room.

When a fire breaks out

1. Firstly, one should be alert at all times. If you see smoke coming or smell something burning, act on it
2. Switch off the main switchboard
3. Don’t use water but use carbon dioxide or dry sand to douse the fire
4. Ask others to call 101 (fire brigade)
5. Keep the main meter box away from the affected area (short circuit). Do not touch it
6. In order to save oneself, walk half-bent or crawl on the floor
7. Wear rubber slippers and carry a wooden stick to touch the switchboard

Fire prevention tips 

1. Check if the house and building is fire compliant
2. It is mandatory for all societies to keep six-metre parking space free for fire engines
3. Once a month, society members should carry out the fire drill as per their convenience wherein members will evacuate the building
4. Once in six-months, society members should practice mock fire drill

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