Garbage never lies!

Madh Island
Garbage never lies!
Garbage never lies!
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Madh- It seems BMC has forgotten its own mantra of keeping Mumbai clean. This is very much noticeable at the shore of Madh’s Vatargalli. One cannot walk on this path due to the heap of lying garbage. Civic officials of P ward- who is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness on the shore- are least bothered to perform their duty. “One has to face stinky garbage along with a mosquitoes menace here. Also, they don’t send pick up vans as well to pick up the garbage,” expressed Vikram Kapoor, local resident. However, when Mumbai Live spoke to the concerned authorities of P ward, they said that they will clean up the area as soon as possible. However, they refuted the allegation of pick up van and added that pick up van comes to pick up the garbage.

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