Get ready to pay the compensation in case your house has caught a fire

Get ready to pay the compensation in case your house has caught a fire

An outbreak of fire in the house or your flat can now put a hole into your pockets.  Turns out that whenever a flat or a house catches fire, the respondent will be held responsible will now be considered the owner of the house or building, and for this, he or she will have to pay compensation to the people affected by the fire. To prevent the rising incidents of fire from the Central Government, a committee by the name of Fire Brigade and Emergency Service Establishment 2016 was created. This establishment demanded proper home remedies by the owner of the flat or building so as to stop the fire in the house or building. Failing to which, the owner will have to compensate the owners of the fire if the fire starts.

About this, construction specialist Ed. Vinod Sampat stated that according to this bill the fire brigade will have to appoint a nodal officer who will check the incidence of fire. Hence, if the outbreak of the fire is caused by the carelessness of the owner, he will then be liable for payment of the compensation to the people affected by it. However, Sampath is quite unhappy with the bill stating that the homeowners cannot be held responsible for the fire because many homeowners reside in the flats in a building on rent.

On the other hand, a fire brigade official told Mumbai Live albeit this rule has been enacted, but very few people do pay heed to this or act in accordance with it.

Fire tax to be filled

Although people have to pay a good amount of taxes when buying a property but now people wishing to buy homes will have to pay an additional tax of Fire Tax.