How BEST will return collected TDLR?

    Pali Hill
    How BEST will return collected TDLR?
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    Mumbai - The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) had ordered the BEST undertaking not to charge TDLR from the year 2016. Yet, BEST had collected the TDLR from the consumers between April to September in 2016. As the undertaking has to return this amount to the consumers, the undertaking is likely to suffer a major financial problem. Congress member of the BEST committee, Ravi Raja and MNS member Kedar Hombalkar asked the BEST management committee on which ground it charged the TDLR from consumers when it had permission for the same upto March 2016 only. The undertaking has collected Rs 3195 crore from the consumers and this amount has to be returned to them. The MERC has permitted BEST to collect the wheeling charge which will help it to charge the Tata power for using its distribution system. Still, BEST will face the problem of returning such a huge to its consumers.

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