Police to take action against unauthorised fee collection at free BMC parking lots

BMC had constructed the free parking lots across the city to curb parking crisis. However, it was learned recently that there were some parking spaces that collected parking fees in an unauthorised way


Parking is a prevalent issue in Mumbai and continues to affect the people adversely. In order to curb the effects of the problem, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has set up 32 free parking lots across Mumbai. However, in a recent investigation, it was revealed that there have been instances of unauthorised fee collection at some of the parking lots.

Therefore, Mumbai Police will soon take action against the individuals. Accordingly, the municipal corporation will also deploy three special teams in order to keep a track on such defaulters.

Amongst the 32 free parking lots, the probe revealed that BMC ‘A’ Department’s Free Press Journal Road, Mumbai Samachar Road, Mahakavi Bhushan Road and BMC ‘C’ Department’s parking lots on Netaji Subhash Road (Marine Drive) were collecting unauthorised fees. Accordingly, the police have registered a complaint against the four parking lots.

Besides, BMC will now deploy three teams in order to assure that there is no further unlawful parking fee collection at these places. The teams have been directed to file a complaint against such defaulters if they discover about the unauthorised fee collection.

Meanwhile, BMC has ordered the officials to put up three to four signboards at the parking lots with ‘Free Parking Space’ written on them at the 32 parking spaces.

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