Heavy rains disrupt milk supply to Mumbai

Heavy rains disrupt milk supply to Mumbai

Mumbai and other parts of the state have been witnessing heavy downpour in the last few days. As the result of the rains and the landslides, many routes had to be closed and there was waterlogging everywhere. Public life has been disrupted in a major way due to these rains.

In addition to this, the milk supply to Mumbai too has been hit hard due to the rains. Mumbai needs a total of 44 lakh litres of milk per day, but it was able to only 38 lakh litres.

The ongoing rains in Sangli and Kolhapur have affected the milk supply to Mumbai. Rains have caused water logging in many villages. This has resulted in difficulty in milk collection as well as distribution. Milk delivery vehicles are arriving late in many places due to rains. Milk trains that usually arrive in Mumbai by around 2 to 3 pm are arriving at 5-6 am. This has disrupted the milk delivery time.

Not just milk supply but agricultural produce has been damaged due to prolonged floods. Vegetable supply in Mumbai has declined by about 25 to 30 per cent and the price has gone up by Rs 10 to 15 per kg.

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