You will never know what may make rounds on the social media before it gets completely viral. And then you keep wondering that why your social media timeline looks so stuffed with just one kind of meme but with many contexts cooked around it. Same is the case with the story of a certain Ram who could not get any creative with his confession of love to his girlfriend Pooja, by saying it all on a stamp paper worth Rs. 100.

So basically, it’s a stamped love letter that says that Pooja is the only person he loves and will love her his whole life and will marry no one else but Pooja. Not only this, he says that this letter is not just a letter but his word to her and his one word is his oath.

Albeit the date of the stamp paper is 2016 and 2017, but up till now their love story beats the comprehension of so many. So where is this Ram and where is this Pooja. But the bigger picture to look at is, if only someone could warrant their love through a stamp paper! More so, how would you feel if your boyfriend does something of this sort?

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