Section of Lower Parel bridge to be reopened for pedestrians

A part of the Delisle road overbridge (ROB) that does not go over the railway tracks, will be reopened so that commuters can enter and exit Lower Parel railway station


A part of Delisle road overbridge (ROB) in Lower Parel that does not go over the railway tracks will be reopened for the pedestrians soon. The decision was taken by the Western Railway (WR) following an inspection by the BMC, WR, the traffic police and local politicians on Thursday.

In the inspection conducted on July 17, it was found that part of the bridge was not dangerous for use. Hence, the section will be reopened to allow commuters to enter and exit Lower Parel railway station.

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The WR will mark out the sections unsafe for use and will put up barricades so that people know which section cannot be used.

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Delisle bridge was shut for both pedestrians and vehicles on Tuesday for repairs. The closing of the bridge led to a stampede-like situation on Tuesday. The bridge is likely to stay shut for two years.

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