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BMC suggests wearing double masks; claims cotton masks provide 'zero protection'

Sharing more information, BMC took to Twitter recently and said that N95 masks and medical masks provide 95% protection, and it was necessary for people to wear another masks under the cotton mask to protect themselves from the COVID-19 infection.

BMC suggests wearing double masks; claims cotton masks provide 'zero protection'

Coronavirus cases in the city of Mumbai have reduced significantly and this drop has been observed due to the lockdown-like restriction and the strict rules imposed by the civic body and the state government. To strengthen the same, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday, May 1, 2021, stated that it has now made it mandatory for people to wear two masks. 

The decision was taken by the BMC officials as an appeal to the citizens who wear plain cotton masks or just a surgical masks. Over the last few days, several experts around the world have been promoting double masks, as it is said to drastically reduce the risk of being infected with coronavirus (COVID-19).

On the other hand, double mask is not needed if one wears the N95 masks as these are said to provide 95 per cent protection from the virus.

Furthermore, many have stated that the cotton masks have not proven to be as efficient as they are posed to be, and hence, the BMC took to Twitter to share the message for the citizens. The message read, "Practice 100 per cent precaution to remain safe in this pandemic. Using a cloth mask? Make sure you have surgical mask under it for maximum protection against the virus. #DoubleMasking #NaToCorona"

However, after BMC posted the same, many have raised questions on this claims made by the municipality. In fact it is said that the civic body has invited tenders to make sure cotton masks are available for the staff members. Others also wondered if the local administrations claims COVID-19 to be air-borne.

Citizens also asked if the BMC officials were wanting to advertise N95 mask through this. Responding to this, the municipality has said that it is safe to use a cotton mask, however, many citizens do not use masks properly. Moreover, several experts claim that the new strain of virus is strong and hence it is necessary to use another mask inside the cotton mask.

Sharing more information, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Suresh Kakani, in an interaction with the media said the decision was taken as it is essential for the citizens to visit any 'highly-affected' areas only with an effective protective gear.

To ensure people follow the rule of wearing a mask strictly, the municipality, over the last many weeks, has taken punitive action against those who have not worn masks, and as per reports, officials have so far taken action against over 27 lakh people and collected fines worth INR 54 crore.

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