Will the Mithi ever flow again?


Post the 26 July 2005 deluge, the long suffering Mithi river is still waiting for a facelift. The so-called redevelopment project was scheduled to complete by April 2017, but is still pending. The state government had decided to spend Rs. 1239 crore for the same but  costs have escalated manifold thanks to the many delays. 

The Mithi river is 16.8 km long and is partially maintained by the BMC and partially by the MMRDA. Apart from these authorities, the central government has also provided funds for the upliftment of the Mithi. After Mumbai went through the deluge, the state government had pulled up its socks and formed the Mithi River Development Authority.

“The redevelopment work of Mithi river is almost 95% complete. Along with this, BMC has spent Rs. 625 crores on the project and MMRDA has spent Rs. 419 crores for the project. Soon, the work will be complete,” says Laxman Watkar, chief engineer, water department, BMC.

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