BMC spends Rs.15 lakhs during demonetisation

    BMC spends Rs.15 lakhs during demonetisation
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    Well, we all know that BMC is known as the richest municipal corporation in Asia. But it is not a belief but BMC proves it now and then. BMC has spent Rs. 15 lakhs on SMS service. Mumbai Live Reporter got the exclusive information on the same.

    During demonetisation period, BMC had hired Messers M Gaze India Private Ltd. Company to send out messages to frightened citizens for depositing their old denominations of 500 and 1000. As per the contract, it was decided that the company will get 85 paise per SMS. Likewise, messages were sent to 1.5 crore people and the amount which was spent was Rs. 15 lakhs. During demonetisation period, BMC played an important role in sending out messages to the worrisome citizens. However, at the same time, they blew up taxpayers money. “As the users are many and each holds different mobile networks, we decided to send bulk messages,” said Sanjog Kabre, department of assessment and collections, BMC.

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