Still using plastic bags? State government to take strict action against violators

The state government called out a plastic ban on March 23 which got revised thrice in the past six months. However, October onwards, the state has determined to take action against people as well as FMCG companies on the use of plastic products


Using plastic bags has been banned from March 23, 2018 in Maharashtra yet, many still carry plastic bags or use products made up of plastic and thermocol. However, the state government has decided to take strict action October onwards, against the use of plastic bags.

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The state government initiated a plastic ban post-March 23, 2018, where people were asked to do away with one-time disposable products made of plastic and thermocol.

Plastic items that are banned

  • Non-recyclable multi-layered packaging (MLP)
  • Tetra packs being used by firms for packaging various liquid and semi-liquid food items
  • PET bottles less than 200ml being used for serving drinking water

Along with taking action against people, the state will also take action against the e-commerce industry, if found using plastic packaging for delivering online orders.

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The state environment department had set a three-month deadline for FMCG companies to follow the Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) that mandates collection and disposal of wrappers and packets.

Meanwhile, the e-commerce industry has asked the state to give an extension of six months to give an alternative to plastic.

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