Mumbaikars Miffed at being fined for not wearing mask in private cars

Mumbaikars Miffed at being fined for not wearing mask in private cars

The sudden spike in the number of cases in Maharashtra has become a cause of worry. To get things under control, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), has started taking strict action against those flouting COVID-19 rules. This means that there are increased fines for people not wearing masks in public places, a crackdown on restaurants and bars and even checking in offices. 

The civic body has also decided on Monday to bring back its quarantine and isolation centres that were shut down in October last year as cases had started to dwindle. 

While many have appreciated the proactiveness of the government to try and manage the surge, there are also people who are not happy with the same some of the things that are being handled. One such issue is people being issued a challan for driving in their private vehicles without a mask. 

Many took to Twitter to express their displeasure over this move. 

Earlier in January BMC had clarified that people in private cars will not be fined for not wearing a mask. However, it seems that the same is not being practised. 

A couple of days ago, Mumbai Police too had busted the fake news doing the round that the amount of fine has been increased to INR 1,000. Taking to their social media, Mumbai Police had mentioned that the fine for not wearing face mask remains to be INR 200. 

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