Mumbai: BMC to buy 9 more mechanical brooms for road cleaning; Will be used to improve air quality

The 15th Finance Commission has given funds to the BMC to purchase

Mumbai: BMC to buy 9 more mechanical brooms for road cleaning; Will be used to improve air quality

In order to improve the air quality which is deteriorating day by day, as per the directives of the National Green Authority, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has now emphasised on the purchase of mechanical brooms. Nine more mechanical sweepers will soon be procured to clean the roads in the city and suburbs. For this, the 15th Finance Commission has given funds to the BMC. 

Air quality in Mumbai has started to deteriorate over the last few years. The National Green Authority has taken note of it. The 15th Finance Commission has provided funds to the Solid Waste Department of the civic body to purchase mechanical sweepers to keep air quality under control. Four e-mechanical brooms will be purchased for the city and eastern suburbs and five for the western suburbs. The BMC had invited tenders for this. At the end of the tender process, the contractor has been selected and the proposal has been sent to the Commissioner for approval. INR 42 crores will be spent for the purchase of nine sweepers and maintenance and operation for four years.

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INR 23.20 crore for five brooms in western suburbs and INR 19.22 crore for other four brooms will be spent. Due to climate change and various development activities going on everywhere, the air quality level has deteriorated. According to the old method, long brooms and manpower are used by the Municipal Corporation to clean the garbage and dust from the roads. But while cleaning in this way, dust is thrown into the atmosphere. Therefore, the idea of mechanical brooms has started coming forward in the last few years. At present, the Municipal Corporation has 27 mechanical sweepers. Through it, about 293 km long roads are being cleaned every day. On the same lines, 9 more brooms will be purchased.

Each electric sweeper can clean at least 7.5 km of road every day. Not only the road but also the footpath and the divider will be cleaned with a mechanical broom. A distance of 30 km will be cleared by one vehicle in four rounds of the road. These mechanical sweeper vehicles will be handed over to the solid waste management department in the department offices. The waste collected by these vehicles will be taken to the landfill by debris hauling vehicles. These vehicles will be operated in two shifts and each shift will work for four hours. They will work eight hours a day in the night shift. The Solid waste department has to plan for maximum use of this machine. 

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