Dabbawalas on week-long leave

  • Dabbawalas on week-long leave
  • Dabbawalas on week-long leave

You may not reach on time in the office, you may miss the scheduled train but your lunchbox is scheduled to reach perfectly on time and the credit goes to punctual dabbawalas. They have been providing this service immaculately round the clock. This will come as a surprise for all those adhering Dabbawala’s service.

As Dabbawalas are going on leave from 10 April – 15 April to be part of the local festival the service will remain discontinued informed Subhash Talekar, Spokesperson Dabbawala Association.

Dabbawalas from Pune, Ahmednagar, Akola and Sangamner left for their hometown to celebrate the festival. During the festival, Dabbawalas worship their family deities. Even when Dabbawalas are on leave there is the deduction in their salaries stated Dabbawala Association.

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