Sound pollution maximum around hospital areas

    Sound pollution maximum around hospital areas
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    Hospital areas in Mumbai fall under the silence zone but all the rules have been broken. According to a survey conducted by Awaaz Foundation’s Sumaira Abdulali, there is a lot of noise in private,government and municipal hospital areas in Mumbai and the suburbs.

    According to their survey, sound levels go over 100 decibel around Hinduja and KEM hospital. The Awaaz Foundation demands strict action against this problem. Sumaira Abdulali has compared Mumbai hospitals to some of London’s hospitals with respect to the sound levels.

    Hospital sound in Mumbai (Decibel)

    Road Ambulance- 100
    Hinduja - 100.5
    KEM - 100.3
    Wadia - 99.6
    Holy Family - 97.4
    Sion - 97.3.3
    Lilavati – 95.1

    Hospital sound in London (Decibel)

    Road Ambulance - 94
    Royal London - 82
    St. Thomas - 81
    St. Mary - 79
    London Clinic - 76
    UCH – 62

    According to this analogy, it is clear that areas around hospitals in Mumbai are causing more sound pollution than areas around hospitals in London. Due to traffic around hospitals, the sound levels are rising. Excessive honking is the main reason for sound pollution and the government should look into this matter, demands the Awaaz Foundation.

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