Motorman Who Had Hit The Buffer at CSMT Dies of Heart Attack

Lokesh Indora was under training for 7 days as he had hit the buffer at CSMT station at platform number 1 on April 26. However, on Thursday, he died due to a heart attack in his residence.


On April 26, a local train from Belapur to CSMT had hit the buffer at CSMT station on platform number 1. The motorman, Lokesh Indora was held responsible for it and was ordered to undergo training for 7 days.

A resident of Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar's railway colony, he suffered a heart attack and died on Thursday, May 2.

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His family and Railway Union - Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh's (CRMS) Vice President Amit Bhatnagar has alleged that stress from the authorities is a key factor in his heart attack. However, railways denied this allegation and said that his heart attack was due to natural causes.

Notably, no action was taken against him as the train had just touched the buffer and not hit it. Though there was chaos among the commuters, no one was injured.

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