Plastic Ban- Hawkers will be spared; shopkeepers to be fined

After four days of the ban, the civic body collected fine worth ₹10,50,000


Despite the plastic ban and penalties imposed, street side vendors and hawkers were seen using plastic bags of size less than 20 microns. It is believed that the civic body officials have been imposing fine on shopkeepers for using the plastic bags but are not taking any action against hawkers and street side vendors.

The plastic ban was implemented post-June 23, 2018, across the state including Mumbai. On June 26, 2018, the BMC officers raided 79 shops and seized 255 kilograms of plastic. In the span of four days of the ban, the civic body collected fine worth ₹10,50,000.

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However, it was observed that the civic body was sparing hawkers and was imposing fines on malls and shopkeepers.

For now, we are focussing on shops but at the same time, we will take action against hawkers as well. If we impose fine on hawkers, they will not be able to give Rs. 5000. So, we are imposing fine on shopkeepers and creating awareness. But, if they continue to use the plastic, then we will take action,” Nidhi Chaudhari, Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Special).

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