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Mumbai Police Chief Asks Cops to Avoid Physically Assaulting or Harassing Citizens

Mumbai Police Chief Asks Cops to Avoid Physically Assaulting or Harassing Citizens

Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Hemant Nagrale has asked police personnel to not get into arguments with people or physically harm them. 

He also discouraged the force from using “instant punishment” methods such as demanding sit-ups from people violating curfew restrictions put in place by the State Government. 

Nagrale passed down the message in an 18-minute video, explaining that many people belong to “Class Four” and that they only venture out to get food and other essentials for their families. Taking this into account, Nagrale said that officials should be more careful with how they approach citizens on the streets of Mumbai, adding that beating up a person in the presence of their family members can end up being very humiliating.

“Unlike the earlier lockdown, people are not mentally prepared. There is a difference between the earlier lockdown and this lockdown, hence one should be more careful and responsible. A small help would make a lot of difference, but a small mistake will ruin our image. Cops should see that black marketing of important medicines like Remdevisir is not done and strict action should be taken against those culprits,” Commissioner Nagrale said in the video.

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“This is an opportunity to build a good image of the police (force), or one small mistake and the video will be viral and the image of the police will be badly affected. Help people and build a friendly environment in such a time of crisis,” the commissioner added.

He also asked police officers to create WhatsApp groups with local members of the community to know about containment zones, hospital bed availability, and other issues to help citizens in need. 

While travel passes served as a metric for the police to judge who can or cannot be prosecuted for lockdown or curfew violations, Director General of Police, Sanjay Pandey said while speaking to the media that no e-passes have been issued this time. 

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However, he went on to say that strict actions will be taken against those violating the safety guidelines currently in place. 

DGP Pandey asked citizens not to visit public places until restrictions are in place while those belonging to the exempted category (healthcare or frontline workers) have been asked to carry proper identification documents.

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