Mumbai receives 750 mm rain in June itself!

BMC said that this year the rains have exceeded the last year’s record. But the Additional Commissioner claimed that the problem of waterlogging has reduced despite increased rainfall.


Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that this monsoon season, the rains have been vigorous. According to the BMC, there is an average of 2500 mm of rainfall every year in Mumbai, but till June 29 itself, about 750 mm of rains have been received, whereas the entire span of the monsoon is still pending. Last year, till June, Mumbai had received 400 mm rainfall and has received 350 mm excessive rainfall.

Additional Commissioner of BMC, I.A. Kundan in a meeting held at BMC was answering the questions of opposition party leader Ravi Raja and said that BMC is held accused every year of doing nothing. He added that the officers work 24 hours a day and Mumbai has always been serious about emergency situations than any other city.

Kundan also said that there was waterlogging in 224 locations in Mumbai which has now reduced to 125 locations. Along with the Railways and MMRDA, the problem of waterlogging has been dealt with.

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