Mumbai’s street vendors pledge to maintain cleanliness

The street vendors were trained for two hours in Nestle’s minibus


Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration and the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) gave hygiene lessons to the street vendors in Nestle’s minibus for almost two hours.

The street vendors were given an apron and cap and made them understand that customer is God and to please the customer, cleanliness is foremost. They were also made aware of the germs and uncut nails and asked them to take a pledge to maintain cleanliness.

Arvind Kumar Shukla, Senior Program Manager, NASVI, told NDTV,

The street vendors were trained on how to keep personal hygiene and maintain the hygiene of the place where they work. They were told to keep their nails cut, hair trimmed, take bathe and also wash their clothes. They were also educated on the importance of keeping their surroundings clean."

All the street vendors together recited a cleanliness mantra and also took a cleanliness pledge.

Image Credits: NDTV