Old Scrap vehicles from Mumbai fetched the traffic police ₹12 Lakh after sending it to recycle

The car scraps are sent for recycling to CERO, which is a joint venture of Metal Scrap Trade Corporation (MSTC) and Mahindra in Greater Noida.


The three mantras to protect the environment will always be Reduce- Reuse- Recycle. It would further promote an individual to follow the mantra when recycling fetches money!

Recycling has various environmental benefits and with recycling cars, it's much more. The average age of cars in India is 18 years and about 24 million vehicles are waiting to be recycled, whereas, on the contrary, India imports six million of steel scraps annually. 

The Traffic police put a notice on any vehicle they feel is abandoned, and if there is no response for 48 hours, the car is towed away. The police also try to find its owner with the help of RTO and obtain an NOC from the RTO to auction the vehicle if the owner isn't traced.

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Last month, it had auctioned scraps of 350 abandoned vehicles which fetched the police ₹12 lakhs. Around 600 are all set to be further auctioned in the next lot. Scrap melting is less harmful than steel making as 16 per cent of energy is conserved and there is a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide by 58 per cent. 

The scrap is sent to and recycled by CERO, which is a joint venture of Metal Scrap Trade Corporation (MSTC) and Mahindra in Greater Noida and is all set to start operations in five more cities. 

Owners of old cars can also directly contact Cero from their Toll-Free number- 1800-267-6000 or visit their website at cerorecycling. The firm collects the vehicle and also de-registers it from the RTO with the owner being paid the salvage amount of the vehicle. 

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