Did You Know - This Muslim man has been fighting against loudspeakers for 20 years

    Did You Know - This Muslim man has been fighting against loudspeakers for 20 years
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    With recent series of incident, it is evident that there are many Indians - be it a commoner or a celebrity - who are raising the voice for a change. It is also quite clear that if the voice makes a difference, the next generation to take over the governance will not be as intolerant as the rest of the ‘mute’ citizens are.

    Recently, usage of loudspeakers for prayers got the spotlight and the issue was brought to forefront when ace Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam tweeted about the same and expressed her displeasure with the loudspeaker. The tweet took twitter by storm and Sonu Nigam received a backlash for the same. After the tweet, a cleric of Kolkata had issued a fatwa against him and also had a reward challenge for the singer.

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    It has been reported that Mohammed Ali alias Babu Bhai, who lives in Mumbai, believes that the use of loudspeakers should be stopped. For the past twenty years, he has continued his fight against loudspeakers. In this struggle, he has also stopped loudspeakers from seven mosques.

    According to the news channel news, Mohammad Ali had stated that he had petitioned the High Court for closure of the Azaan given to the loudspeaker, but due to low money he couldn’t take further strong action. Ali thinks that the use of loudspeakers is not a part of religion and it wouldn’t harm anyone if removed.

    The Bombay High Court had said in a judgment in August 2016 that the loudspeaker should not be used from in the morning. On doing so, there would be a fine of up to Rs. 1,00,000 and a jail for up to five years.

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