NGOs urge religious institutes to organise blood donation camps prior to Diwali

Various NGOs believe that patients who are in need of blood transfusion suffer when blood donors remain out of town


Blood donation is considered to be a noble deed. However, many times, patients who are in need of blood on a daily basis, suffer when the blood donors remain out of town. This usually happens during festive occasions when most of the blood donors go out for a vacation.

Hence, fearing the shortage of blood for patients who need transfusion on a regular basis, various blood banks and non-governmental organisation (NGOs) are requesting educational and religious institutes to conduct blood donation camps ahead of Diwali. 

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Vinay Shetty from Think foundation, a city-based NGO which helps in organising blood donation camps, said that Diwali and the weeks following the festival are dreadful for those who are in need of a regular transfusion.

According to medical experts, thalassemia and leukemia patients suffer a lot due to the shortage as they are in constant need of blood transfusion. As claimed by Think Foundation, 25,000 donors need to donate each month to meet the city’s blood requirement.

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The State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) has also taken cognizance of the problem which occurs every year during the festive period and held a meeting with religious organisations requesting them to hold camps.

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