No anaesthetists in Shatabdi hospital, operations on hold


For the last few days, no operations are scheduled in civic-run Dr. Babsaheb Ambedkar hospital (Shatabdi), thanks to the absence of an anaesthetist. This came to light when 32 year old Kaju Pada resident met with an accident and was moved to Shatabdi for an operation. But he was then moved to Nair hospital owing to the lack of anaesthetists.

On 30 May, Kaju Pada resident Hitesh Pithadiya was on his way to the work and was travelling on the western express highway towards Dahisar. While he was passing Ashok Van, barricades of Metro 7 suddenly fell on his bike and his left leg got stuck in the barricades. (Also read- Metro Barricade Causes An Accident). Injured Hitesh then was taken to Karuna hospital by traffic police. But later he was moved to Shatabdi Hospital for further treatment. As his leg got injured, a surgery was needed but there was no anaesthetist and so he was shifted toNair hospital where now he is getting treated.

When Mumbai Live spoke to medical superintendent, Dr. Pradip Angre, he denied the same saying that the anaesthetist have gone to the native place. “Yes, there are no anaesthetics because they are on leave and few have left the office. I will talk to my seniors about it and will give the information,” said Dr. Pradip Angre, medical superintendent, Shatabdi hospital.

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