Metro Barricade causes an accident

Metro Barricade causes an accident

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) is back! No, it’s not about trees today. Unfortunately, a person riding a scooter met with an accident because the winds were against MMRC.

A barricade had toppled because of strong winds and to everyone’s rotten luck; a scooter in motion was hit by it.                                                                              
32-year-old Hitesh Pathadiya, who stays in the Kajupada area of Borivali, was on his way to work like any other day. He was on the highway going to Dahisar. On his way, three barricades set up for Metro collapsed and Hitesh collided with the barricades. His leg got trapped under one of the barricades.

Two traffic policemen were traveling in a rickshaw on the same road. Sudhir Jadhav and Dattatray Gadekar were on their way to Dahisar check post. “We were on our way from Kandivali to Dahisar when we saw a man who had met with an accident and was trapped under a barricade. We stopped the rickshaw and helped the man into it and took him to Karuna Hospital” said Gadekar.

Hitesh was later transferred to Shatabdi Hospital in Kandivali. Hitesh suffered a fracture in his leg and also hurt his knee pretty badly. He needed to be operated but to his despair, the hospital didn’t have an anesthesiologist at that moment. He was then shifted to Nair Hospital. He is currently being treated there.

“We have filed a complaint against the Metro contractor for being negligent,” said Subhash Sawant, a senior police officer at Dahisar Police Station.
MMRC are doing their best avoid negative publicity but things aren’t working in their favour. Earlier we have seen them come under scrutiny for cutting down trees and now this unfortunate accident has added to their woes. Let’s hope the ‘upgrade’ doesn’t prove to be costly for Mumbai.

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