Speed limit on J.J. Flyover miffs drivers

Speed limit on J.J. Flyover miffs drivers

In order to curb the accidents from happening in the J.J. Flyover, Mumbai Traffic Police had decided to impose a speed limit for the vehicles passing through the route. The move fruited for the traffic police as they were successful in avoiding the mishaps completely on the flyover. But the drivers have expressed their disappointment over the imposed speed limit. 

The police has put a speed limit of 20 km/hr at one turning on the flyover, whereas the drivers have been asked to restrict their speed to 30 km/hr at five turnings. Meanwhile, the drivers use the flyover for speedy transportation as it has assisted them to cover a usually 30-minute journey to a mere five-minute route.

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However, with the speed limit imposed, the route has become a tedious journey for the drivers. Alongside, if they exceed the speed limit, they are bound to receive an e-challan of ₹1,000. According to the reports, the police have issued more than 53,000 e-challans so far for overspeeding. 

While there has been constant opposition from the drivers, Traffic Department and the transportation experts have supported the decision claiming that not even one accident has occurred after the speed limit was introduced.

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The drivers stated that previously they had to travel through the crowded streets of Mohammad Ali Road which would eventually result in a 20-30 minutes delay every time. But while travelling via the flyover, the journey time was reduced to just five minutes. 

In the meantime, expressing their concern,  the riders said that safety must be a priority and they supported the cause. But the current speed limit is uncalled for and unnecessary.

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