Petrol prices in Mumbai cross the ₹90 mark!

Since July 28, the fuel prices in Delhi and Mumbai have been constantly increasing and it is a worrying sign for the people


Petrol price in Mumbai has crossed the ₹90 mark. With the increase in petrol price by 11 paise, petrol in the city is being sold at ₹90.08 per litre. Since July 28, the fuel prices have been constantly increasing. Meanwhile, the diesel in Mumbai is being sold at ₹78.58 per litre.

The central government takes ₹19.48 as excise duty on petrol and ₹15.33 on diesel. Along with excise duty, Maharashtra government applies Value Added Tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel which amounts to 40-50 per cent of tax on its sale.  

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Due to the increase in petrol and diesel prices, the price of essential commodities is also increasing. Moreover, with the value of Indian currency falling down against US dollar, the fuel prices are increasing.

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