Railways installs sugarcane juice machine at Mumbai Central station

The move comes after a majority of sugarcane juice stalls were observed to be unhygienic. Therefore, now the passengers can get a glass of juice for ₹30

Railways installs sugarcane juice machine at Mumbai Central station

Railways recently has installed a new automatic sugarcane juice vending machine. Passengers will now be able to drink sugarcane juice at Mumbai Central Railway station during their journey. Accordingly, the passengers can get a glass of sugarcane juice at the railway station with just a single click. However, they will have to pay ₹30 for a glass of sugarcane juice. 

A few days ago, a video had circulated on social media which displayed a railway employee making lemon juice on the top of a canteen in an extremely unhygienic condition. After which, Railways took action against the vendor and banned the sale of juice at railway platforms. 

However, due to the rising temperature, the passengers are left thirsty and feel restless due to the lack of unavailability of juice. Therefore, in order to take care of the issue, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) decided to introduce vending machines for sugarcane juice. Currently, the machine has been installed at Mumbai Central station on the Western Railway line.

The machines were installed as the sugarcane juice served by the vendors can be unhygienic since it is made with bare hands and the ice used in making it has also been said to be hazardous for consumption. The machine costs Railways a whopping ₹2.10 lakh.