Here's how students risk their lives to travel to school in Chunabhatti

Everyday, students use support of merely a rope in order to cross the dilapidated path in their residential building to get to their school

Here's how students risk their lives to travel to school in Chunabhatti

In a video which went viral on social media, children can be seen risking their lives in order to get to their school. Students live in this building which is in a very poor condition and can collapse any time as it can be seen in the video. 

The reports regarding ramshackle buildings in Mumbai have been increasing after the Dongri building collapse which killed nearly 13 people. However, the administration including Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has failed to strictly act on the same. 

Everyday, the students take the support of a rope in order to cross the dilapidated path in their residential building. The students, as well as their parents, have raised a complaint about the same.

However, the BMC is not taking any steps to ensure the safety of the residents in the building. Moreover, the locals have a complaint that the BMC is not allowing redevelopment of the building as the matter is in the court.

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The locals have also complained that the building can collapse anytime and the lives of 123 families including children are at risk. Earlier, the BMC also cut the electricity and water connection from the building. However, people are still residing in the building as it is unaffordable for them to rent a house in Mumbai. 

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