BJP MLA Urges The Authorities To Find A Solution To The Rising Water Level In Mithi River

Ashish Shelar urges the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to discuss and find a solution to the repeated flooding crisis in the city.

BJP MLA Urges The Authorities To Find A Solution To The Rising Water Level In Mithi River

BJP MLA, of Bandra West, Ashish Shelar on Monday stated that the Mithi River flooding and the incident that occurred at the Bhandup water treatment plant needs to act as a warning signal for Mumbai. He added that Uddhav Thackeray, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra should promptly summon a meeting of the elected representatives, experts and academicians to find an answer to this repeated predicament that time and again leaves the city crippled.

He added that the rise in water levels in the Mithi river in the absence of a high tide is a grave matter. He said that it is unusual that the water levels did not recede as expected. According to him, it was the first time that owing to flooding in the said area, the Bhandup water treatment plant was affected.

He went on to elaborate that in the last 25 years he hasn’t witnessed the flooding in Mithi River when there wasn’t a high tide and thus, this nuance should be studied. Additionally, he claimed that the river’s water often makes its way into the sea. If constant rains occur during a high tide, usually the water levels increase. However, in the last few days, he said that a different picture was seen. He stated that not only was the river water rising dangerously, but also making its way into adjacent residential areas.

He then contrasted the recent incident to that of July 26, 2005, wherein the city had faced the wrath of heavy rains. He articulated that even at such an ardours time, the water treatment plant in Bhandup was unaffected. 

According to certain reports, it is said that he holds the BMC administration accountable for the lives lost in the monsoon. He is also said to have questioned the claim made by the authority of having completed 112% cleaning of the drains. He asks if this is true, why did the water logging occur and why did people lose their lives.

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