Schools to educate or earn?

Schools to educate or earn?

Schools are now conducting business in the names of education. CBSE Board, ICSE Board are earning in the names of better education. To one side privates schools are looting parents of students and to another side, the level of the education of the BMC schools are going down. People have their mind set if their children get in English schools then children future will be secured.

In the year 2013, Education Department has passed a Government Resolution that schools cannot force parents to buy books, bags or any things from school. But schools have overlooked the GR.

Mumbai Live spoke to some parents about this, Parents said that the school managements are agitated with this GR. Parents said that schools force children and parents to buy books, bag, uniforms from that too at high rates and sometimes parents are also pressurised to get personal tuitions from the school teachers.

Parents Forum, President Jayant Jain said that schools ask for fees in an arbitrary manner so they will go to court against schools.