'Spark' lost...

    Pali Hill
    'Spark' lost...
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    Mumbai - Magsaysay award winner Jockin Arputham's NGO Spark was given a jolt by BMC. BMC has blacklisted Jockin's NGO Spark as well as contractors of Spark Samuday Nirman Sanstha (SSNS). BMC has also fined SSNS with Rs 24 lakh. Also, It has confiscated deposit worth Rs 26 lakh.

    RTI activist Anil Galgali had asked BMC's slum cleanliness drive department about blacklisting SSNS. BMC has responded that this action has been taken on 26 Feb 2016 and SSNS contract has been abolished. BMC has ordered not to give any more assignments to Spark organisation. BMC is also keeping a tab on Sparks' current work. Spark is accused of inefficiency, not maintaining standards and of not repairing toilets. In past 42 months, Spark refused 37 assignments out of 66. Only 20 out 29 assignments are completed, 8 are pending and 1 assignment is not even started.

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