Snake menace increases in Borivali during the monsoon

As per reports, a total of five snakes (pythons) were rescued from different residential areas in Borivali. Officials caught the snakes and released them safely in the wild.

Snake menace increases in Borivali during the monsoon

The menace of snakes has once again raised concerns for Mumbaikars, and over the last few years, several snakes have been found in Mumbai, especially during the monsoon. Recently, residents from some areas in Bandra and Borivali complained about the same and as per reports, a total of five snakes have been caught in the last two days. 

Information regarding the same was shared by Amma Care Foundation and Plant and Animal Welfare Society, as their volunteers have helped the residents in rescuing the snakes.

In the morning on Thursday, June 1, 2021, the locals from Borivali's Chikuwadi area found a snake near the ground located in front of Witty International School. Upon knowing the same, a snake enthusiast ans rescuer Sunil Gupta caught the five feet python and released it safely. Besides this, another seven-foot-long snake was rescued by Sarpamitra from Bangadiwala Chawl in Bandra West at 10.30 am on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Officials said that the python had entered a house in a hut located behind Daulat Nagar's Hanuman Temple in Borivali. Samarpita was informed about this at 7pm, post which she caught the snake and released it a safe location.

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On the other hand, a similar incident was reported at 2 pm on Tuesday, July 1, where a few citizens found a five-foot long python near Borivali's popular Kora Kendra ground. This was also rescued by Sarpamitra.

Earlier that week, on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, citizens at Borivali's Sanjay Nagar found a seven-foot python which was caught and released at 5pm the same day. A team of officers from the forest department,led by honorary wildlife warden Sunish Subramaniam and wildlife activist Nisha Kunju, examined the pythons and later released them into the wild.

Similar incidents were reported last year in Dadar's Shivaji Park area and in Mahim as well, where residents complained about snakes regularly. Earlier in 2020, a rare twin-headed snake was found In Kalyan.

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